Uncover the 7 advantages of laser marking machine-Angelina

Uncover the 7 advantages of laser marking machine

Today, you can do a lot with the laser cutting and laser marking machine technology.

As a leading supplier of laser machines, we have seen the evolution of laser markers.

From jewelry design to manufacturing aircrafts, laser technology has found several areas of applications over the years.

As per the experience we have gathered by working with various customer needs.

We put forward 7 notable advantages of laser marking.

So,in this passage we would like to talk these 7 advantages.

laser marking machine

1.Advantages of laser marking machine

1. Mark on multiple surfaces with no contact
using the machine to engrave information pieces on a number of surfaces such as metal, acrylic, wood.

This feature of laser markers have helped our clients by using a common machine to get the necessary markings for a variety of products and packages.

And we perform Laser printing  using focused light.

There is no contact of the laser creating tool with the marking surface.

And the machine owners do not have to spend on a lot on manpower, printing die or parts.

2. Low cost marking solution
Comparing to other marking solutions where a die or some special treatment , a laser marker saves costs for our clients.

With easy integration into the production line,we could achieve flawless and consistent printing with laser technology .

The cost of repairing wear and tear of the die, replacement of the die,  is not at all required for laser machine users.

Therefore, we could keep laser machines can  at low costs.

3. Prevent counterfeiting
At XT Laser, we have come across clients who benefited from this function of laser markers.

2.learn more about the laser marking machine

4. Faster output

Laser marking machines are high-precision and high-speed devices with faster printing technology.

In fact, many of our clients have completed rush orders by taking advantage of this function.

And the speed of a laser machine can be as high as 5 to 7 m/s.

Therefore,it is very easy to operate the computer  with your laser machine.

5. Permanent Markings

For products with longer shelf life, laser printing is the best option.

We program the markings and won’t fade off or peel off like paper stickers.

6. Readability
With the precision of the laser machines, we could make any kind of marking in a clean manner that is easily readable.

And even small markings are very clear with laser technology.

7. Additional Treatment not required

Unlike other marking procedures, we don’t need pre- and post-treatments for laser marking.

This in turn, saves time and money for clients.

What’s more, we do not need chemicals or other fluids for laser printing.

Due to absence of such substances, laser engravings are safer for printing edible product packages.



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