How to use fiber laser marking machine-Karina

Nowadays, fiber laser marking machines are increasingly favored by various industries, and more and more people are beginning to understand and use fiber laser marking machines. But for those who are new to the machine, it may not even be the most basic boot. Although most manufacturers can provide training for the machine, but some do not provide training, or are transferred to the operation of the fiber laser marking machine, so let me explain from the most basic places for everyone. The most basic operation of the fiber laser marking machine.

1. Open the device control box

1 Connect the laser and connect the control card and power supply correctly, and turn on the power switch;
2 Turn on the main control box key switch;
3 Make sure that the emergency stop switch is not turned on ( the switch pops up and is self-closing);
4 Turn on the control box laser power switch;
5 Start the computer and turn on the computer display;
6 Start the control galvanometer power switch;
7 Start the red light switch;
8 Open the laser software adjustment software related parameters in the computer for laser marking. At this time, ensure the laser working focal length (ie the distance from the laser marking      head).
It should be noted that if the control box key switch is not turned on first, the galvanometer and red light are not responding.

2, a brief description of the software adjustment

Generally, when using the device, the user only needs to adjust «speed» / «current» / «frequency» in the laser parameter column;
Marking speed: XX – the speed the user needs, the speed is fast, the playing is shallow, the speed is slow, which is good for playing depth;
Power: Set the percentage power of the laser device by laser software to 1%–100% adjustable;
Frequency: The laser light output frequency of the laser device is set by the laser software 10–100KHZ adjustment;



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