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Using Instructions and Installation of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1.Connection between various parts distribution cabinet

Firstly, put the parts according to the requirement, as following shown,

After the placement,  do connection between each distribution cabinet.

a)check  if there are damage to the three joint of Y axis drag chain tail during transportation

(the three plus are:16 core overloaded connector, 19 core aviation plug, 4 encoders plug and one amplifier plug).

aviation plug:                                                              overload connector



encoder plug                                                              amplifier plug



b) Then,install the existing plug in place(the place is unique)

insert the encoder plug to the corresponding servo driver according to the serial number,

insert the amplifier plug to the height adjustment device.

c) connect the power line of water chiller in the distribution cabinet to the specified location



Attention: firstly,the use and maintenance of water chiller, please refer to the instruction.

Secondly,the use and maintenance of the fiber laser source, pls refer to the relevant instruction.

Thirdly,the use of software and adjustment of parameter, pls refer to the relevant instruction.

d) connect the main power

(we use the three-phase and four-wire system, yellow-green is zero line, the other three are fire line)

To sum up, the electric connection of the external circuit wire is finished, in the next part,

we will introduce the waterway connection.

Caution: the earth line must be reliable and grounded.

Or the signal in the machine cabinet will be disturbed, and encounter danger of leakage.

2.Connection method of water chiller

a) Installation conditions

Firstly,place the water chiller stably and keep a certain distance from the wall.

There must be adequate space for wind in and out in the water chiller install position,

which will avoid the poor heat dissipation. So do not face the water chiller fan to the distribution cabinet.

b) Machine inspection

First, clean the sundry in the water tank to make sure no impurity in it;

then to check the joints of the plumbing system if there is loose phenomenon.

c) Installation method

Connect the import and export of the water pipe according to the mark on the chiller,

connect the import and export of laser, do not make any mistake of the import and export lines.

Before connect the water pipe, make sure that there is no garbage and foreign in the outer pipe of chiller.

d) Water quality standard

Check if the blow-down valve is close, add water to the tank.

The water level should be 30mm~50mm below of the tank top age, in order to avoid the water overflow from the tank.

The general water can not use in the water chiller, must use high quality pure water or distilled water.

Forbid to add any corrosive liquid.


There is an air switch in the back of the water chiller,

open it when the waterway connected well, then the pump running,

check each connector if there have water leakage,

if have, turn off the power, after excluded, the switch on.

f) The water temperature regulation

The water temperature should be 22~32 degrees in the air-conditioned room;

otherwise, the water temperature should 2~5 degrees below the room temperature

(without condensation on the pipe wall is the best, if have condensation,

it means the temperature of the water chiller set too low ).

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