Newest auto focus dynamic adjustment fiber laser cutting head(BM111)-Max

Here is the Introduction of Raytools brand laser cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market.  Today we analyse the laser head of fiber laser cutting machine. Comparing to the laser source, laser head is the second important part of the laser cutting machine. Raytools brand laser cutting head has become the most popular one in the current China market.

Now let us introduce the laser cutting head models one by one. Hope it could help you some on your choice of fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Introduction of RAYTOOLS BT111

BM111 series is a self-focusing optical fiber cutting head, launched by Switzerland RAYTOOLS AG in 2017 . The built-in motor driver unit and linear mechanism can automatically change the focus position. Users can find the focal length through the program. It can set completed and rapid perforation of the plate with different thickness of  metal plate. And it can adapt to a variety of fiber lasers. Optimized design and water-cooled design make the laser head sustained at high power for a long time and also can be with stability jobs..


2. product features of laser cutting head

a. Direct water-cooled copper mirror is with long using life and can support the maximum power up to 6KW;
b. Drawer-type lens holder makes very fast and simple to replace lens;
c. Double water cooling structure design can protect mirrors with water-cooled interface;
d. Laser head fiber interface and the body with air inlet can be pressurized air to carry out dust-proof;
e. Compact structure and modular design makes it very flexible to switch between different processing methods;
f.  special integrated mirror can produce a variety of rectangular spot;
g. variety of optical interface can equip with a variety of lasers to fit.

This auto focus laser head(BT111) is good for thick and various thickness materials cutting.

 3. Technical Parameters of laser Cutting head

a. Power level can be maximum up to 6KW
b. On the protective mirror size is φ38mm * 1.5mm
c. Under the protective mirror size is φ37mm * 7mm
d. Auto-focus range is + 10 ~ -15mm
e. Auxiliary gas pressure is maximum 30bar
f. Weight is 5.6kg

4. Cutting video:

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