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Ways to Solve water soaking

Recently, some cities along the Yangtze River in southern China have suffered the most devastating floods since the 1998 floods. Many customers’ equipment even has waterlogging over the top. In this case, it is necessary to understand the correct treatment after water soaking to avoid more loss expansion!

The particles in the water will penetrate into the laser casing. And it might directly attach to the circuit board. And it even penetrates into the optical module to adhere to the surface of the sensitive fiber. At this time, if the electricity power is on for now, the electrical part may burn due to the short circuit. and regarding the optical part, its surface of the fiber maybe absorbs the laser and generates heat.  Thus it will destroy the coating layer and cause damage to the entire optical portion.

Therefore, once the laser and the processing head are subjected to severe water soaking, all customers must be reminded to notify the equipment manufacturer immediately for after sale service. And customers must confirm the laser and the laser output head without any problems by on-site maintenance or returning to the factory.

If the current after-sales task is very tight, Customers can also take a photo and send it to the supplier engineers to firstly determine whether they need to return to the factory or not. We XT LASER is willing to assist you in this special service at this special moment!

Please pay attention to the above technical content! And please notice that if the laser damages by water, it is not in the free warranty!

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