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What will affect the cutting quality?

What will affect the cutting quality?

What will affect the cutting quality?

The parameters affecting the cutting quality are below.

cutting height, cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty ratio, cutting pressure and cutting speed.

Hardware conditions include: protective lens, gas purity, sheet quality, focusing mirror and collimating mirror.

What we should to check?

Firstly. The height of the laser cutting machine (the actual cutting height is between 0.8 and 1.2 mm). If the actual cutting height is not accurate, then need calibration.

Secondly. The cutting nozzle check. whether the cutting nozzle model and size are incorrectly or not. If it is correct,then to check whether the cutting nozzle with broken, the roundness is normal or not.

Thirdly. It is recommended to use a cutting torch with a diameter of 1.0 for optical center inspection. When checking the optical center, the focus is preferably between -1 and 1. The light spot thus produced is small and easy to observe.

Fourthly. Protective lens Check whether the protective lens is clean and requires no oil and no slag. Sometimes the lens is fogged because of the weather or the air is too cold.

Fifthly. Whether the focus check focus is set correctly. If it is an auto-focusing cutting head, be sure to check if the focus is correct with your mobile app.

Finally. Modify the cutting parameters.

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