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Laser cutting machine application in sheet metal industry

In the automotive industry, the shape of many sheet metal structures is very complex. Therefore, the traditional auto parts processing methods have not been able to keep up with the pace of the development of the times. So fiber laser cutting machine application in automobile and sheet metal industry.


laser cutting process
laser cutting process

In order to complete this process better, the appearance and application of the fiber laser cutting machine is particularly important.

As we all know, automotive parts and materials manufacturing and manufacturing is difficult.

In order to ensure the safety of drivers, we must be precise and accurate. And sheet metal materials must have good technological performance. Accordingly, it is more prudent for the selection of machining equipment for metal auto parts.

Fiber laser cutting machine is specially suitable for sheet metal processing industry.

Its advantages such as high stability, high accuracy and fast speed play an important role in the auto parts processing market. Before this, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is easy to operate. And only needs the cooperation of the computer. And the machine to complete the processing of all kinds of exquisite parts.

Fiber laser cutting machine because it is used in optical fiber transmission, the flexible degree is greatly improved.

The fault point less, maintenance is convenient, faster. So there is a very big advantage in cutting sheet metals within 4mm optical fiber cutting machine, but the influence of by solid laser wavelength in cutting plate when the quality is slightly inferior to many the. The wavelength of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is 1.06um, and it is not easy to be absorbed by non-metallic materials, so it can not cut non-metallic materials. Compared with other types of lasers, the photoelectric conversion rate of fiber lasers is more than 25%. In the operation and operation, the advantages of fiber laser are more obvious than that of power consumption, cooling system and other economic considerations.

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