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To be a wise customer when you want to buy fiber laser machine from China

Those days I feel helpless because many many customers ask me to give them more lower price. Sometimes I feel sad and disappointed because they already gone the wrong direction. So I have to say something for those customers. To be a wise customer when you want to buy fiber laser machine from China.

When you decide to buy a machine, the first you should consider is not price…

1) First confirm if this machine can satisfy your requests or not.

(If you were distributors or you used same machine before, then you can pass the first step.) So how to know if this machine can satisfy your work? It is easy. Tell suppliers, you can tell 4-5 suppliers and ask them to make samples according to your request. After checked their samples, pass 2-3 suppliers. Continue to talk with the better suppliers.

If you need special machine for your production line, so first you need check if this company has such experience before. Better let them provide you the successful cases.

2) Try to know more about machines, different specification, different price.

It is not necessary to choose the best specification, just the spec. can satisfy your work. Then it is enough.

3)Talking price.

In this step, you must pay attention to specification. Because some suppliers will change the specification if you ask very very lower price. So you’d better tell them basis on same specification, what price they can offer you?

It is an open market, price is not a secret. Also, seller is not stupid. You should know whatever the price you get, seller must have profit more or less. If profit is very less, then they can’t provide you the better service because they don’t have such ability.

Also, with exactly same specification, another company provide you very very lower price, you need careful. They must change something you don’t know to keep their profit point. Maybe wire, maybe machine shell quality etc.. After you got machine, whatever problems you met, how could you do? If they don’t reply your email and don’t pick up your call, what else you can do?

So dear all, pls do not fight with me about price. When I put my heart and want to help you and want to give you a better solution, you only ask lower price, your action will hurt me. I care about every customers whatever they buy or not, for those customers already bought from me, I will keep them find me at anytime.

But pls do not push me to a bad person.

Thank you.

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