Operation manual for fiber laser marking machine—Tony

Operation manual for fiber laser marking machine

To compare with other heavy machines,Operation of the fiber laser marking machine is easy. Because its principle is not too hard, and the structure of the machine is very simple. In general, this type of machine is user-friendly. Base on our customers’ feedback, people will figure out how to use it in couple hours. But there are some customers still fear of the machines may cause hazard, or be afraid to break the machine. So today, I wrote a  operation manual for our fiber laser marking machine customers.

I will talk these step by step. Once you get the machine, open the package, connect the power.

Operation manual

Step 1

Opening the control box. Connecting the laser and connect the control card and power supply correctly, and turn on the power switch.

Step 2

Second,to turn on the main control box key switch.

Step 3

Third, To ensure that the emergency stop switch is not turning on.

Step 4

To turn on the laser power. And the computer/lap top.

Step 5

Starting the control galvanometer power switch;Start the red light switch.

Step 6

Opening the Ezcad software adjustment software related parameters in the computer/software for laser marking. At this time, ensure the laser working focal length ,by another word, to make sure the laser focus on the materials’ surface. And if the control box key switch is not turned on first, the galvanometer and red light are not responding.

How to adjust the Ezcad software?

The three big elements of fiber laser marking machine are speed, power and frequency.

Power: Set the percentage power of the laser device by laser software to 1%–100% adjustable;

Frequency: The laser light output frequency of the laser device is set by the laser software 10–100KHZ adjustment;


All in all, for fiber laser marking machine, it doesn’t like the big heavy machine. The customer to operate it very easy. Sometime when I wait for the customer to clear their cargo from their custom. They always said wait for my message to let me know how to operate it. But only few customer will ask me for that.  Basiclly if you can understand the manual we put in cargo, you become a expert user.