xtlaser 2017 annual meeting-Ivy

xtlaser 2017 annual meeting

On February 9. we held the xtlaser 2017 annual meeting. All the staff attended. And the evening party got a smooth success.

Firstly. the 2017 Annual Meeting of XTLASER is divided into 4 major parts.

The first part addresses the leaders. The general manager made a complete summary of the work in 2017 .

xtlaser made a clear plan for the development in 2018. Confirming the direction of our development. And pushing us toward our goalSecondly.

Then The second part of 2017 Annual Meeting of XTLASER is the award ceremony.

For the year to the company paid employees silently presented. So thank them for their dedication. And give these employees greater expectations. So hope that other employees. Will also be able to stand on stage. To receive awards for their own honor.

The third part of 2017 Annual Meeting . of XTLASER is the annual program show. Every part tries its best to bring you joy. There are dance programs, song shows etc.

Now the atmosphere is warm. let us experience everyone’s enthusiasm and friendship.Everyone happy. Be together.

Lastly. The fourth part is the annual dinner. Diverse dishes. adequate drinks. Let us feel the vigorous development of XTLASER.

We are Jinan Xintian Technology Co., LTD have been specializing in Fiber laser marking . Cutting technology for the past 13 years. We design & manufacture our products .  To be highly competitive in pricing and quality.

Advanced quality management systems to improve. The efficiency of the manufacturing testing process. To create excellent quality products.

It has a professional and consummate staff with rich experience.  Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. And the quality of product for the customer.

Besides,Our commitment is to continue to improve. The level of technology by research and development.

So the standardization of scientific management. Excellent product quality.

But all these experts work in sync among each other. And also accomplish the assigned tasks in due time.

All our professionals are good with the operating.  And handling knowledge of advanced machines.



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