Fiber laser marking machine for metal bearings-Angelina

Fiber laser marking machine for metal bearings

Fiber laser marking machine enjoys a wide application in the automobile industry.

As we know, there are many metal parts on the automobile,so many suppliers ask for this type machine.

1.Fiber laser marking machine for metal parts

For the parts of the automobile, such as the screw, bearings, blade and etc.

Most of the suppliers would like to mark some number, letter to so some signs.

In this situation, they need the fiber laser marking machine from us.

This type machine could mark permanent signs on the metal products.

fiber laser marking machine

Besides, it is easy to operate ,using it could save some time and some money.

We all know that there are many different types power of the fiber laser marking system.

Different power has different outcome on the products.

For the automobile parts, 20w fiber laser marking machine is enough.

If the marking outcome is too deep, then the outcome may be rusty after long time.

fiber laser marking machine

2.After sales Service

1.24/7 service is available to each customer.

And if any technical questions or problems, our engineers will help you and give you solutions on the phone or by face-to-face communication online.

2.Two-year warranty is provided.

3.Professional staff for installation and training if needed.

4.Spare parts are supplying on time or doing some inventory if promising certain sales volume.

5.Faster delivery, we will support our sole agent to do the stock if good sales, then more convenient and helpful.

6.If the sales are good, we will arrange some famous exhibition fairs in the local or surroundings.

And give our full support to our agents at the fair.

We will provide our sample machines, catalog, DVD, manuals, etc.

All native customers belong to our local agent, which is our basic rule.

And we promise the final delivery is the same as displayed prototype.

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