1kw fiber laser cutting system for the stainless steel-Angelina

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1kw fiber laser cutting system for the 1mm stainless steel

Fiber laser cutting system is mainly  for cutting metal.

Today our XTLASER company do some cutting test for South Africa customer.

Using our 1kw fiber laser cutting machine cut 1 mm stainless steel.

It is not cut the sample pictures but the complicated picture.

Share the cutting sample with u:

fiber laser cutting systemfiber laser cutting system sample

1.What does the customer pay attention to the fiber laser cutting system?

First of all, the cutting accuracy.

The cutting accuracy is the priority of the customer concerns about the fiber laser cutting system.

There are some parts that could play big difference on the cutting accuracy.

The guide and rail, machine bed, electronic motor and etc.

The company must equip with the best quality for these parts , so that assuring the cutting accuracy.

For the rack and pinion, we usually advise KH or the YYC.

fiber laser cutting system And for the guide rail , we usually equip with the ABBA or the Hiwin on the fiber laser cutting system.

For the motor, the Japanese brand is the best, for example, the Yaskawa brand.

And the machine body, different supplier choose the different machine body .

our company select the thick plate welding machine body, more stable than other material.

2.What kind of service the fiber laser cutting system manufacturer could provide?

5 years warranty period laser machine.
① First 3 years, it is totally free, including shipping broken part from overseas,

And shipping freight from China to overseas , of course FREE repair
② 4th and 5th years, XT LASER only FREELY repair laser head, laser source.

But buyer pay shipping freight from overseas to China, and from China to overseas.

We have seperated after-sale service departement on line, and almost 95% problems from our clients can be solved here.

We take part in almost all industrial exhibitions around the world.

During this time, we will pay a visit to our registered clients for free inspection and maintenance.

Our engineers are available to work overseas anytime and the after-sales training should be free.

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