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Steel fiber laser cutting machine become more and more popular on metal processing. Same with co2 laser machine and other traditional, steel fiber laser cutting machine also need auxiliary gas when working.

Auxiliary Gas

Co2 laser engraving machine have very long history in many fields. We know it need compressed air as auxiliary gas when cut non-metal material. Also some people use co2 mixed laser machine cut metal material, such as stainless steel and mild steel. In this case we can use oxygen gas as auxiliary gas so that machine can cut 2mm metals. But in this case the cutting edge will be oxidized and become yellow color.

Different with co2 laser cutting machine, we need use different auxiliary gas when use steel fiber laser cutting machine. So we can get much more better cutting effect.

  • Oxygen gas

We know oxygen gas could oxidize most bright metal material, such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass. It will make the cutting edge oxidized and become different color if we use it as auxiliary gas. So we only use oxygen gas for carbon steel(black steel). Due to it have high carbon content, it is not easy be oxidized. Opposite, the cutting surface is very smooth and bright.

  • Nitrogen gas

Different with oxygen gas, N2 belong to inert gases. It can prevent the cutting surface oxidized by air. So most situation we use N2 as auxiliary gas for most metal material, Including stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

In order to save running cost, some people will use compressed air as auxiliary gas. But with compressed air, the max cutting thickness is not more than 2mm. No matter what laser power we use.

In actually process, electric power and auxiliary gas will be the main consumable and have high cost. According to customers feedback,  liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen is much more cheaper than small tank.  So we need calculate the running cost according to our application, then select the most economic solution.


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