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XT laser cutting machine details

More and more customer pay attention to the details when they are choosing cutting machine. Cutting machine detail can showed more information to customer directly.

Cutting machine detail 1: Small holes on the side of machine bed

When the machine working for a long time, it’s very easy to stacking scrap iron. These small holes(picture as below) can help to drip the scarp iron, keep the machine bed clean.

Cutting machine detail 2: Guide rail of the manganese steel gantry

For XT manganese gantry, there is one guide rail on each of top and front side, when the machine working, this type is more stronger and stable than the normal type(which only the top have guide rail), see pics as below

Cutting machine detail 3: Holes of the manganese steel gantry

We all know, cutting machine gantry can have a big effect of the machine cutting accuracy, we researched the gantry with the bottom holes, it can effective reduce the gantry gross weight, to make sure the cutting accuracy.

Cutting machine detail 4: Height controller

It can calibrate if the metal sheet flat or not, adjust it by control the cutting head up and down, sometimes, this controller is not appear in outside, just in the software.

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