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With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of various productivity levels, the application of fiber laser marking machines has become more and more extensive. Which areas are particularly demanding? What should you watch out for when using an online laser marking machine? Let’s summarize it.

 The application field of fiber laser marking machine

1. The gift industry

Firstly,nowadays, the craftsmanship of gift making is gradually increasing, and the individualized demand for gifts is becoming more and more abundant. To meet such requirements, it must rely on the help of online laser marking machines.

2. The electronics industry

Secondly,with the upgrading of electronic products, the electronics industry is increasingly demanding online fiber laser marking machine. Ans such as circuit board marking, electronic component marking and so on.

3. Packaging industry

Third,the packaging industry needs to mark various information such as text, symbols, date, batch number, barcode, and QR code on the packaging of different materials, and the online laser marking machine is a good helper for the marking application of the packaging industry.

4. Pharmaceutical industry

Fourth,the pharmaceutical industry has strict quality standards due to its particularity.And for the labeling of the above description of the medical packaging, there is also a set of production standards. And these are a piece of cake for online laser marking machines.


fiber laser marking machine

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