How to Pick Out and Buy in China—Tony

Customers Pick Out and Buy Machines in China

Recently, I have lots of customers to pick one machine for his own business. But they do not have many purchase experience for machines or for purchasing abroad. I do want to write a blog for the customers who is lacking of experience for purchasing abroad.

First thing you should do when you contact with a sale person, you should let him or her to know your authenticity. Because of the business is war without bullets. Just like a war, there are many spies to spy each other. For business is same. Sometimes we will serve a fake customer, that may the person who from other companies to spy our information. Such as price, configuration, and direction of scientific research. The salesman will define «the customer»  whether the real customers or spies from other company.

How do we estimate a person’s authenticity. In general, if the suffix of email address is company name. We could search it from google. Then the customer has more percentage should be real. So if you have a company email, please use it. Because the trust is the foundation of trade. And if you can answer the phone call and have the communication with the sales. Then sales will absolute trust you.

And once you guys trust each other. How can you guys use the shortest period of time to figure out which model is best for you. If customer have the sample of pics, and the parameter of the material he will process. Send to the sales. There is no machine could done anything for customer. Any machine has their limitation. So customer need to know which work he must be done. And which work is you willing to do.  We can only find the most suitable machine for you.

Once you guys make sure the machine could help you to do the thing you want. Then I believe for next step is select and shipping method and confirm the delivery date.  When you clear everything. Then we should go into the price negotiation part. But many customer just ask price when they send the first email. We even don’t know how to give you a price if we didn’t select a machine.