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The Future of Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

Fiber Laser Cutting Technology

Well, we think the future of fiber laser cutting is already here and has hit the industry with a resounding crash, with the onset of rapid growth in the power and speed of fiber laser technology. Fiber laser machines became a production reality in 2010 and are currently at 10-12kW. The major impact that the new generation fiber lasers have had is the absolute necessity of some form of automation. The capability and speed of these lasers far outstrips the physical capabilities of the laser operatives and traditional ways of loading and unloading CO2 lasers.

fiber laser cutting

The machine itself is now almost a plug and play, everything around

the machine has become so much more important.

The machine’s dynamics make programming and nesting more critical than ever!

The efficiency of the machine drop creating the interesting juxtaposition of more throughput, lower actual cutting times due to the huge increases in cutting speed.

Getting the parts away from the machine – post cutting and de-nesting – is critical. Skeleton and scrap removal become mightily important as the machine needs to be ready to cut again in the shortest possible time. All of these things, without automation, become impossible with efficiencies dropping to 30% or below compared to current CO2 efficiencies of 70% plus.

XT LASER’S latest investment in Fiber Laser Cutting technology

In recent years, XT LASER used many newest fiber laser cutting technology to our fiber laser cutting machine. Watch the new machine precisely cut this 2mm sheet of aluminium in the video below.

We will continue to offer detailed fiber laser cutting technology.

fiber laser cutting technology
fiber laser cutting technology

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