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Fiber laser marking machine have very wide application now. Nearly it have been used on every filed, include business and industry. So new laser marking technology is rise continue. Now camera laser marking system with CCD scanning head is becoming more and more popular.

Red Light Box

We know all fiber laser marking machine have one inner red light pointer. Before marking, we can check the detail working position through it. When we click «Red» button, we can see the red box on working table. This red box is the precision marking position.It have a big help for our marking job.

At the beginning usually we only use fiber laser marking machine on metal material and some painted material. So this red light pointer is enough for our work. But now people use laser machine on more and more material. Some material will absorb the red light or have similar color with red light. In this case it is a big problem for operator to see the correct marking position.

So some company develop new system to instead the red pointer. Camera Laser Marking System rise in this situation.

Camera Laser Marking System need use special galvo head. Compared with ordinary galvo head, CCD scanning head have a camera in the front of F-theta lens. With this galvo head, we can see the working area in software. After we input the marking context, we can see the marking position through monitor. Even the material is red or can absorb the red light, it have no influence for camera.

Working video like follows:

Compared with ordinary fiber laser marking system, this system is expensive. But it is very useful for some special application.

Although this is new technology and have many flaw, we are updating it continue and make it become more and more simple on operation and adjust. We believe it will instead red pointer very soon in the near future.

Camera Laser Marking System
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