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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Troubleshooting and Common Problems Treatment

Nowadays many customers ask for the machine usage and when have problem how to deal with. So we write this article for the fiber laser cutting machien troubleshooting and common problems treatment.

1. perforation skills

Any kind of hot opening skill, except for a few conditions that can start from the edge of the plate. Usually has to wear a small hole on the board. Before the laser punching composite machine used to punch a hole first with a punch. And then the laser began to open the hole with a small hole. There are two basic methods for the laser cutting machine without punching equipment.

Pulse punching

Using pulsed laser of peak value power to make a few data melting or vaporizing, usually air or nitrogen as auxiliary gas, so as to reduce the expansion of pores due to exothermic oxidation. And the pressure of gas is smaller than that of oxygen when cutting. There is only a small particle eruption in each pulse laser, which gradually deepen. So the perforation of the thick plate require for a few seconds.

Once the perforation finish, the erect will replace the gas with oxygen for the incision. The perforated diameter is smaller and its perforation quality is better than that of the explosion.

For this reason, the laser used should not only have higher output power. But also more importantly, the time and space characteristics of the beam. Besides, pulse piercing must also have a reliable pneumatic control system to complete the switching of gas varieties, gas pressure and perforation timing.

Explosion perforation.

After the laser illuminated, the data form a dent in the middle. Then the oxygen data will remove quickly and form a hole by the coaxial oxygen flow with the laser beam. Usually, the size of the hole relate to the thickness of the plate, and the perforation is uniform.

The diameter is half of the thickness of the plate. Therefore, the perforation of the thick plate is large and not circular. And it is not suitable for parts with high machining accuracy. It can only used for scrap. In addition, the oxygen pressure used in the perforation is the same as that of the incision. And the spatter is larger.

2. Laser cutting and processing of stainless steel and aluminum plated zinc plate, a burr occurrence analysis of workpiece.

The above situation presents, first consideration for low carbon steel has cut burr elements, but not simply accelerated open speed. Due to the addition of speed sometimes don’t wear plate cut. The situation in the processing of tibnor is particularly outstanding.

At this time, the other elements of the machine tool should sum up to solve the problem. Such as whether the nozzle is to replace, and the motion of the guide is unstable.

3. Open machining small holes

This is because the machine tool in the machining of small holes not adopt method for explosive perforation. But with the method of pulse perforation, which makes the laser energy in a very small region gather. Non processing areas also burned, pore forming, deformation, influence the quality of products.

At this time, we should change the method of pulse perforation into the method of explosion and perforation in the process of processing, and solve it.

On the other hand, the laser cutting machine with small power is just the opposite. The method of pulse perforation should be adopted in the small hole processing to get better surface finish.

4. solution to abnormal spark when cutting low carbon steel

This condition will affect the quality of the cut section of the part. At the moment when other parameters are normal, consider the following:

The loss of the NOZZEL of the laser head nozzle should be replaced in time.
Under the condition of no new nozzle replacement, the gas pressure should increase.
The thread loose at the junction of the nozzle and the laser title. At the moment, the incision should temporarily suspend to see the connection of the laser head and the good thread from the head.

5. A solution to the burr of the workpiece when the laser is cut into low carbon steel

According to the operation and planning principle of laser cut, the following reasons are the main reasons for the formation of burr in the processing parts.
The upper and lower azimuth of the laser focus is not correct, and the focus azimuth test need, which adjust according to the focus offset.
The output power of the laser is not good. If we want to see whether the operation of the laser generator is normal, if normal, we investigate whether the output value of the laser control button is correct or adjusted.
The cut line speed is too slow, and the demand increases the line speed during operation control.
The purity of the cut gas is not good, and the demand for high quality cut gas supply.
Laser focus shift, need to do focus azimuth test, according to the focus of the offset adjustment;
The machine tool operation time is too long to present the instability, now demand shutdown start from scratch.

6. Laser without thorough incision

After the analysis, it can find that the following conditions are the primary conditions for the process of processing instability:
The selection of the nozzle of the laser head does not match the thickness of the processing plate.
The laser cut too fast, reduce the line speed control operation demand;
The nozzle guide to the laser focus range from induction missed, need from the nozzle detection sensing data especially in the most simple present cut aluminum.