Customers visit fiber laser cutting manufacturer-Angelina

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Customers visit fiber laser cutting manufacturer

Different fiber laser cutting manufacturer may receive many customer visiting the factory.

In order to assure the machine quality and the company ability, most customers would like to come.

They would  order after assuring the details of the machine.

Different with talking online, such ad on the whatsup, or through the mail.

Visiting the factory and see machine close to close would give customer real experience.

Therefore, more and more customers like visit the factory.

Until now our XT LASAER  has received more than 500 customers from different countries.

The customer is satisfied with our service very much!

1.Receive different customers visiting fiber laser cutting manufacturer

First of all, we just received the South Africa customer attend training and test his machine:

fiber laser cutting manufacturer

This customer purchased our 2kw tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine with enclosure.

Secondly, the Indian customer paid money on site for our 500w IPG cutting machine.

fiber laser cutting machine

This customer sent message on the Alibaba for the fiber laser cutting machine.

He wants to find a reliable fiber laser cutting manufacturer in China.

He talked much with our company through the mail and the whatsup.

Talking much details with our colleague .

And at last he decided to visit the factory .

He is satisfied with our service and machine quality!

The Italy customer visit factory and do comparision.

fiber laser cutting manufacturer

He talked with many manufacturer in China about the fiber laser cutting machine.

Also visiting many fiber laser cutting manufacturer.

But after do some research and detailed comparision, he chooses XTLASER in the end.

He said that our machine is the best quality, and he like our service.

Nowadays, the customer do not only pay attention to the machine quality, but the service.

Therefore, we tried our best to provide the best service to them.

Putting the customer into priority.

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