Fiber laser metal cutter for agents: Charry

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents

Today,we have South African customer visiting our factory,and he is one of our agent for fiber laser cutter.

This time,he is coming to learn how to use the cutting machine.

Sharing the picture:

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents









And he made some cutting samples under the help of our engineers,samples picture as below:

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents









So this sample is from 1000w fiber laser cutting machine,3mm mild steel.It is great,with smooth clean cutting edge.

I just made one cutting testing for Russian agent,his customer need to see the cutting speed:

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents








Our UK agent takes 3 orders of fiber laser cutting machine in their stock:

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents








We know that,it has been the last month of this year,most companies have finished the purchasing plan in this year,maybe your customers also finished.

So your financial department are ready for the next year plan,to make some pre-orders in advance.

To agents and customers,we provide technical training. After the installation and commissioning completed, engineer will service buyer operator at least 5 days at buyer place or at seller factory until the operator can operate machine. The training as follows:

Firstly,Traning operating instruction of turning on and off machine;

Secondly,Meaning of panel and control parameters,

Thirdly,Training parameter selection range;

Fifthly,Training control software operation ;

Sixthly,Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine;

In addition to, we also provide users technical support related their producing products.

Fiber laser metal cutter for agents

Machinery and circuit check

Explain the functions of machine parts and ensure machine’s long-term operation guide

Explain the use of machines and software. Guide the customer proper use, extend product life and reduce energy consumption

Machine maintenance

Explain the maintenance of machine parts to extend product life and save the energy consumption

Product Process guide

Depending on different materials, do testing to get optimal processing parameters to ensure the best quality of product

Site clean-up services

Clean the customer site when service is completed

So if you want to know more,just contact us: