XT Laser cutting machine detail–Wendy

XT Laser cutting machine detail–Wendy

XT Laser cutting machine detail(article two), on the article one we explained few details of the cutting machine, now, i will show you more cutting machine details, if you like it, just leave message or send us email.

Detail 5: Single nozzle and double nozzles

Often, cutting stainless steel use the single nozzle, carbon steel use the double nozzles, metal sheet more thickness, the nozzle bigger.

For example: 1-3mm stainless steel, can use 2.0/3.0 single nozzle, 1-5mm mild steel can use 1.5/2.0/3.0 double nozzle

Detail 6: water pipe

We are using to different colors for the water chiller’s pipe, orange pipe means water go inside; blue pipe means water go outside. Two different color can help you recognize easily if you need fix some parts by yourself.

Detail 7: proportional value

Using for adjusting air pressure, mainly controlling oxygen, small pressure when you punch the whole, atmospheric pressure for cutting work.

It can help you just change the gas in the software, no need to find the gas tank.

Detail 8: Camera

You can check inside working just through the camera, easily check the cutting condition.

Detail 9: LED light inside of the protective cover

When customer do the cutting work during night, LED light will be very useful for your work.

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