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Fiber laser cutting machines is becoming the most popular metal cutting equipment in metal process industry. Especially on sheet metal cutting fields, it have very big advantage. No any other machine can do better than fiber laser cutting machines.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Process

Fiber Laser cutting machines only work when on the focus. Typically 25-100µm in diameter for fine cutting and 100um to 300µm diameter for thicker section cutting. Coaxial gas is delivered just above the Laser focus by a nozzle that surrounds the Laser beam. This helps to keep the optics clean and improves the cutting process by pushing vaporised and liquified material out through the kerf. Gases such as oxygen and air are used to promote the cutting of ferrous alloys and cellulose materials. Metal cutting need use high-pressure inert gas such as O2, N2 etc.

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Why more and more people select fiber laser cutting machines? What kind of benefit it have on metal cutting process? Follows is several points what we can find easy.

  • Applicable to a wide range of materials and thickness
    Narrow kerf widths
    High speeds and High repeatability
    Easily automated and programmable
    Flexibility in changeovers
    Reduced tooling costs and reduced set-up times
    Non-contact process (no tooling wear or breakage, minimal material distortion)
    Capacity for high degree of beam manipulation (true 3D cutting).

Although fiber laser cutting machines have so wide application, its performance is not very well on thick plate cutting. So if you need cut very thick metal plate more than 20mm, plasma could do better than fiber laser cutter. Especially on stainless steel cutting.

Of course, except fiber laser cutter and plasma cutting machine, many other metal cutting equipment also have very wide application in the market. when we select metal cutting equipment, we need do many checking first then select the best one for our application.

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