How to install the rotary device for marking machine-ivy

How to install the rotary device for marking machine

Recently,more and more customer do jewelry marking,for ring marker,have to use rotary,so How to install the rotary device for marking machine? here sharing with you:
install the power lines for the driver ,the red and black cables .The black cable (GND) should be connected with the –V on 24V power supply , and connect the red cable with +V on 24v power supply

There are three cables yellow ,white and blue ,we have put it in the cabit , you can find it .  Next you need connect these three cables on the driver like the pictures show above .Please not the yellow cables shall short connect in 1 and 3 position.

Now need to install the four cables for rotary device .The cable order shall be like this picture .

connect these four cables on the cabit of the DB15 , the order should be like this .

At last , connect the rotary device on this DB15 .All is ok now .

In a word,our after sales service will always online to help customer install the rotary device,also now we have more latest marking model. If you have any interests,pls feel free to let us know.

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