How to start up fiber laser cutting machine-Anne

How to start up fiber laser cutting machine

When we use fiber laser cutter to cut metal, start up machine properly not only can prolong machine life, but also help us to avoid many unnecessary troubles such as short circuit, burn out machine parts, etc. Today  we,XT LASER,will introduce you the correct start sequence of fiber laser cutting machine.

fiber laser cutter 

so 1.Turn on main mechanical switch.

but2.Turn on water chiller, air compressor and dryer power switch.s

so  3.Turn on the machine power supply.

4.Open fiber laser generator power supply.

     5.Turn on high pressure start switch.

so 6.Turn the fiber laser generator start switch to on.

o   7.Turn on 24 volt control power switch.

s   8.Turn on the electronic shutter switch.

so 9.Rotate the «Power adjustment» knob clockwise to a suitable value.

so 10.Turn on the laser working gas such as CO2, N2, auxiliary gas O2, etc.

These are the correct boot order. Correct operation steps can prolong the life of fiber laser cutter. If you want to know more about our machine, welcome to contact us.

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