9.Introduction of fiber laser cutting machine detailed parts-Ella

Introduction of fiber laser cutting machine detailed parts

Overall structure of laser cutting machine are working principle and working characteristics.

Host machine part is the most important part of entire laser cutting machine,

the capabilities and cutting accuracy is achieve by the host part.

the host machine is made of the bed (Y axis), beam (X-axis),

Z composition axis, table, gas and water and other components.

Today I simply introduce two parts of machine.

1. Machine body

Firstly,machine bed consists of High-strength cast iron weld structure

annealed eliminate casting stress,

after roughing semi-finishing → semi-fished → VSR → finishing,

stress relieving more thoroughly,

reducing the deformation to ensure the accuracy remains long-term without changed.

Via CNC system control AC servo motor, coaxial drive beam

to achieve Y direction reciprocation,

fast movement and feed motion, the motion stroke is 2950mm;

Secondly,rack ,pinion and linear guide device with seal dust,

the light weight dust cover keep reliable operation;

rack, pinion and linear guide use effectively precision products

to ensure the accuracy of the transmission;

Thirdly,both ends of the travel have limit switches control,

supplement by an elastic sides of the cushion,

effectively ensure the security of the machine kinematics.

2.Machine beam

First,machine beam use overall high-intensity tube weld after artificial aging

to ensure overall rigidity and strength.

The process contains Roughing → VSR → semi-finished → VSR → finishing.

Then,beam installs on the bed of the support rail (rail divided linear guide rails and flat rail).

Beams fit with high-quality linear guide, servo motor driven through a reduction gear rotates,

Finally,the Z-axis slide in the X direction to achieve the reciprocating motion, the motion stroke is 1450mm;

During working, with limit switches control travel and elastic cushion at both ends

to ensure security of the system operation;

Beams above and on both sides with the cover closed,

fit between the beams and cross slide scalable organ type shield,

ensure the rack and linear guide running across a close environment,

unaffect by the external environment;

Optical path segment with organ-protective mask seal,a hermetic seal structure of the optical path.

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