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Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the most popular metal cutting equipment in the market. Now there is thousands of different suppliers in the market. When we select fiber laser cutting machine, we need pay attention on some core components.

  • Fiber laser source

Fiber laser source also called fiber laser generator. It is the most important parts of fiber laser cutter. Its quality decide whole machine’s lifetime directly. Also it is the main factors which can influence fiber laser cutting machine price.

Now there is several main brand laser source in the market, the oversea brand like Germany IPG, UK SPI, USA nLIGHT. The Chinese brand main include Raycus, MAX etc.

In  China market, IPG and Raycus is the main brand now, it is stable and reliable. Also many company use MAX laser now as its price is lower, stability and lifetime is its main trouble.

fiber laser cutting machine

  • Fiber laser cutting machine cutting head

Laser cutting head’s main function is focus the laser light and laser power on one point so that the laser can cut through the metal plate. Now the main brand in the market include Precitec, Raytools, TAG etc brand.

  • Machine lathe

Machine lathe’s main influence for fiber laser cutter include two point. One is machine precision and another one is some parts’ lifetime.

One quality machine lathe is stable and heavy, when machine running in high speed, it have high precision and small shock. So that it can keep high cutting precision. At the same time, stable structure have small deformation after several years, so its transmission system will keep low error and the friction will be lowest. This is very important to extend hardware parts’ lifetime, such as guide, rack and pinion.

Now the most stable machine bed should be thick plate welded machine bed, it will go through high temperature annealing and destressing process.

  • Control system

Control system main control the moving of servo motor, the laser light output etc. To be honest, most control system in the market is mature and have similar performance.

  • Driving system

Now the main driving system of fiber laser cutter is dual servo motor system such as FUJI, YASKAWA etc.

At the same time, driving system and transmission system is together, rack and pinion system is the most popular now.

  • Water chillier

Water chillier is auxiliary system for fiber laser cutter, but it is very important as both laser source and laser head need cooling. So this is very important to choose professional water chillier.


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