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We know price is important, but fiber laser cutting machine is not small machine, not cheap machine.
Machine quality, stability and after service is same important as once some problems happen,
even suppliers send engineer to your factory right now, it need 3~4 days can arrive in your there at least.

Below is some main factors what we should consider when buy fiber laser cutting machine. share it for your reference.

1. Laser generator.

Laser generator is the most important parts for fiber laser cutter, such as our heart. Also it have the biggest influence for machine price.
In China market, IPG, Raycus and Max is main brand. 
Germany IPG is the best all over the world, and its price is also very expensive. usually no need use it.
Raycus is the best Chinese brand, its performance and stability is similar with IPG, but price is much more lower.
Now Raycus occupy more than 60% China market.
Max laser is younger company then Raycus, Its price is cheaper, but high power laser is not very stable.

So we recommend you use Raycus laser, it have the highest cost performance.

2. Machine bed

In the market, laser source brand is limited and easy to select. But we can notice even same laser source they have big difference on price.
In this case, machine bed is the main reason.I will explain more details about machine bed’s difference in next email.

3. Warranty and after service.

Now most company offer 2 years warranty for machine as laser source company offer them 2 years warranty.
About after service, all company said they offer 24 hours after service, you know it is just ads, not real.

Below is our rules on warranty.
We offer 5 years warranty for this machine, pls take care XT LASER is the only company who can offer 5 years warranty.
I have show details rules for 5 years warranty in quotation list, you can check it again.

Actually machine broken will be rise after use 2 years, then broken rate down after use 5 years.
As if one supplier use some bad parts for machine, it won’t influence machine running in beginning 2 years as it is news.
But after use 2 years, bed quality parts will be aging and wearing heavily. then machine running may have many problems.
Also this is one reason why most company offer 2 years warranty even 1 year.

For oversea customers, English engineer who can offer oversea service is very important.
Now our oversea service team more than 20 people, so once some problems happen we can send engineer to your there within 3 days.
We know all company said same that they can do same, but is it real?
Share you some picture of our engineer in customer’s factory.

So when select fiber laser cutting machine, think about the laser source, machine bed, warranty and service first.
Then compare different suppliers price.

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