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Except low power fiber laser marking machine, we know most laser machine is water cooling system. Such co2 laser engraving machine, high power co2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. All of them need use water chillier.

Brand of Water chillier

There is two common brand water chillier is very popular in China market. Of course, also there is many other brand water chillier in China market, but it is not very common and application is not very wide.

For co2 laser engraving machine, S&A brand chillier have wide application in China market. It have good performance on co2 laser engraver. So when some company transfer to fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, they use S&A chillier on fiber laser cutting machine directly. Actually S&A water chillier is not good choice when use on fiber laser cutter. As fiber laser cutting machine is all different with co2 laser. Also it need better cooling performance, so we need use professional cooling system for it.

For fiber laser cutting machine, TONGFEI brand water chillier is most professional in China market. Most Chinese main fiber laser cutter manufacturer use TONGFEI chillier. Although its cost is higher than S&A, it is better for machine running and reduce unnecessary problems.

Function of Water chillier

Water cooling system main have two function for fiber laser cutting machine.

We know laser source will rise many heat in the same time, water cooling system can cool the laser source to keep it running normal. If we can’t cool the laser source timely, laser source will be burnt out quickly.

Secondly it will cool laser cutting head. we know laser power need go through laser cutting machine, so the parts of laser cutting machine head will become very hot and we need cool it through water.

Most people know fiber laser source and machine bed is very important for laser source, but many of them will ignore the importance of cooling system. Actually it is one of the most important part for fiber laser cutter as it will influence the lifetime of laser source and laser cutting machine. So don’t ignore any parts when select fiber laser cutter.

water chillier fiber laser cutter

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