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Laser Generator is the most important part for fiber laser cutting machine. Such as the heart for people. Due to its special inner structure, unfit operation may make some core parts broken in low temperature. So also we need take care on the maintenance of laser source in winter.

Matters need attention of laser generator

  • Usually laser source’s working temperature is 10~40℃. Before operate fiber laser cutting, all worker should check the user manual carefully and operate machine according to the user manual.

  • Low temperature will cause freeze inside of laser source.

We need add glycol antifreeze in the water chillier and recommend AntifrogenN brand. The volume should be about 10~20% of total. For example, if the volume of water chillier is 100L, the antifreeze can’t more than 20L. But pls remember propylene glycol is forbidden.

The temperature will be more lower at night. If the water pipe part is outside of room. we recommend keep water chillier running. At the same time, if your laser source is more than 2kw, laser source’s 24V power supply must keep open when water chillier running.

  • If outside temperature of laser source between 10~40℃, no need add any antifreeze. Additional, when summer coming, remember clean the antifreeze first then add water again.
  • If laser generator can’t working for long time in winter, be sure to discharge all water in laser source’s inside water pipe.
  • When laser source have issues and need repair in winter, be sure to discharge inside water before package and shipment.
  • If laser power is more than 2kw, laser source must keep connecting with 24v electric when water draining. Otherwise inside water pope can’t discharge water as the value can’t be open.

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