Difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine—Tony

Difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine

The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine–At present, in the market,  the laser or plasma cutting machines are the most popular. They have a widely using field in industrial filed.Such as kitchen, lamps, automobiles, machinery, advertising.customers who use Plasma-cutting machine don’t know much about laser cutting.And they do not know how to  choose. So what is the different between two of them.

 Laser cutting machine:

Laser cutting machine.the laser beam releases energy when it irradiates to the metal sheet surface. And energy melts the  surface of metal and metal evaporates.Thereby it achieves the purpose of cutting. The laser has the direction.The luminous intensity is intense. So that the cutting speed is fast,and  the precision is high.The cutting quality is good, and the cutting gap is narrow.The laser cutting heat affected zone is small .The deformation is extremely small.And the cutting is safe, clean and pollution-free.Thus greatly improves the working environment of the operator.

 Plasma cutting:

The heat of the high temperature plasma arc is very much.We use it to melt and evaporate the metal surface. And we use the momentum of the high speed plasma to  remove the molten metal .Thus can form a slit.


The first is the degree of damage.High quality laser cutting does not hurt the workpiece. Plasma cutting will have large or small damage. If there is a problem with the plasma cutting machine, it will cause obvious defects on the sheet.

The second is cutting slit: The laser beam  focuse into a small spot, the workpiece cutting seam is narrow.And the plasma cutting slit is larger than the laser cutting machine slit.

Third,it is the cutting speed: High quality laser cutting machine is much faster than  plasma.
 Finally, the cutting accuracy:  for laser cutting machine , it is  0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02mm. And plasma cutting is lower than laser cutting machine cutting accuracy.

The fiber laser cutting 4.5 SS video is below:

In addition, we should  note. After high quality laser cutting machine finish working, do not rush to touch it.so as not to burn yourself.

Those are the  difference betwen high quality laser cutting machine  and Plasma.

Hope this can be helpful for u.

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