Nitrogen generator for cutting machine-Jill

Nitrogen generator for cutting machine

When customers buy the cutting machine,they  have to think about  the gases cost.As we know,we usually use nitrogen and oxygen gases .But Nitrogen gases cost is a little customers would like to look into  a Nitrogen generator.Instead of bottle Nitrogen or Liquid Nitrogen.

1.Nitrogen gases parameter for Nitrogen generator

U need the following information  for N2 generators.Such as flow rate of N2 in M3/hr.N2 gas pressure.gas purity.

1)Flow rate of N2 in M3/hr

Firstly,if use Nitrogen gas to cut ss,we may need to know nitrogen gases usage.It is30 kg/hour.So flow rate of Nitrogen gas : about 24  m3/hour.Generally,there is no much requirement for this.But u need a Nitrogen bottle to store nitrogen .And a carburetor to filter water from the nitrogen gas which N2 generator produce.

2)N2 gas Pressure

Secondly,for pressure.For example,as for  750w cutting machine.when cut 1mm ss.The pressure should  over 1.0Mpa;When cut 2mm ss,the pressure should  1.5 Mpa to 2.0 Mpa.

3)Gas Purity
Thirdly,for thr gas purity.The higher purity,the better.Generally,over 98% is better.

2.Liquid nitrogen gases consumption

Nitrogen generator is a choice if N2 cost is so high.Our experience is to use liquid N2 first .So u can test ur gases cost. Generally,Liquid Nitrogen price is lower than Notrogen.So we suggest customers using the liquid Nitrogen.One bottle of Standard Liquid Nitrogen:120Kg, 50usd/bottle in China.Cut ss,one bottle  for 12-16 hours.So the gas cost:50 usd/16hours=3 usd/hour.

If u want to know more about the nitrogen and oxygen gases cost ,u can check below article

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