The Primary Products of XT Laser—Tony

The Primary Products of XT Laser (I)


The XT Laser is professional factory which produce a series of laser equipments over 14 years in China. Jinan Xintian Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2004,production and service of fiber laser cutting machine,fiber laser marking machine.pneumatic marking machine,laser engraving machine,laser welding machine, laser cutting machine. XT Laser has rich industry experience. When it was a small factory, we put our focus on fiber laser cutting machine, which is not like some other suppliers who turned to laser market when they found the potential of laser industry.

Because XT Laser has a wide range of products. I will do it in several chapters.

Laser Marking Machine

We have three popular models of laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine, Mopa laser marking machine, and Co2 laser machine. All of them use laser as the source to mark materials. The fiber laser marking machine and Mopa laser marking machine use regular fiber laser. But Co2 laser marking machine is different.The laser of Co2 laser marking machine passed through dense CO2. By this way, Co2 changed the original laser. To become a special laser. The laser come from Co2 is working on non-metal materials perfectly. So that is why, Co2 laser is a kind of popular laser machine in market. So its function is for non-metal materials’ processing.

However, I just mentioned the source of fiber laser marking machine and Mopa laser marking machine are same. So what is the different between them? The impulse of laser from fiber laser marking machine is constant. But Mopa’s impulse will changed in every second. Actually, according the source is same. So the materials they are working on is also same. Both of them could working on all kinds of metal materials. For example, carbon steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, brass, aluminum and so on.

Why we want Mopa keep changing?

In another word, what is the different between those two?

First of all, how we let the Mopa change its impulse anytime? Because we use JPT’s Mopa laser source, this kind of laser source is designed for mopa laser marking machine. Mopa is able to color marking by change impulse. That is the biggest function of Mopa laser source. In usual, customers buy it for color-mark stainless steel and mark alumina become black color.  But Mopa’s speed is slower than fiber laser marking machine and Co2 laser machine. And fiber laser marking machine is good at marking on metal materials. It is popular one because it is not only able to mark on metal materials, it also could do part of non-metal marking. More important, in some condition, customer could adjust the power to color marking as well.

In next chapter, I will talk about more detail about laser marking machine. That will help you to find out most suitable machine for you.