Why change to fiber laser machine+XT Laser Wendy

Why change to fiber laser machine+XT Laser Wendy

Brief introduction

Recently, more and more customers change to fiber laser, on account of the marketing developing very fast, . Some of them change the plasma cutting machine to fiber laser. Some of them used water cutting machine before. And others also used Co2 cutting machine

change to fiber laser from plasma cutting machine

Years ago, plasma cutting machine is very popular on account of the low cost. For now, fiber laser mostly instead of the plasma. The reason is plasma cutting machine cutting speed is slow. Also the cutting effect is not so well as fiber laser.

change to fiber laser from the water cutting machine

Water cutting machine can cut metal and non-metal cutting machine. It’s mainly suitable for the thick material. It has a large consumption, not fit to thin material.

change to fiber laser from the co2 cutting machine

Fiber laser can instead of part of Co2 machine. Co2 machine also suitable for cutting thick material. For thin metal, more and more customers likes choosing fiber laser, the price, the running cost…

Fiber laser introduction

It include fiber laser source, laser cutting head, drive motor, machine bed, auxiliary system, control system and transmission system. Specialize used for cutting metal, it’s popular by different industry, agency and end users.

Video of fiber laser machine cutting:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgtZTHaNcqE


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