Why so hot sale of XT LASER Jewelry welding machine – Betty

  1. What is a laser Jewelry welding machine

Laser welding systems are now used in many fields to efficiently, economically, and contactless make high-quality joints. They result in flawless seams for welded object.

Jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used to weld silver, gold, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Such as ring, bracelet, earring, necklace and pendant.

fiber- laser -welding -machine- 1

  1. Multi-choice of laser jewelry welding machine type to choose

Desktop type, detached type, all-in-one type with customized color and logo as per request. If no special requirement, main color are blue and white; grey and orange.

Laser- jewelry- laser- welding- machine-and -samples

  1. Strong function for the laser jewelry welding machine

  • The energy, pulse width, frequency and light spot size can be adjusted in a large range to realize different welding effects.
  • The parameters are adjusted by the lever in the seal cavity, which is simple and highly efficient.
  •  Ceramic converging cavity is imported from the Britain. It is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant with 8-10  years service life. The life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times.
  • Most advanced light shielding system eliminates the irritation to eyes by laser during working.
  • Able to work for 24 hours continuously; stable performance; free of maintenance in 10,000 hours.



  1. Professional packing staffs with decades packing experience

Wrapped with water-proof plastic film and sponge for the corner.
Put in standard fumigation-free wooden cases.
Put wooden cases in containers, use iron belt to reinforce to ensure there is no damage during transportation.
Large numbers of truckers for delivery to the nearest port.
Multiple cooperated shipping agents for shipping from China to destination all over the world.
About 7 working days lead time to ensure machine is delivered on time.



  1. Perfect aftersale service


1) 1 year warranty for Jinan XT LASER 100W 150W 200W jewelry laser spot welder
2) Our customer will be fully trained for the operation and maintaining technology after the order confirmed.
3) 24-hour full after sales service: our skilled engineer will help customer to solve the problem by MSN, SKYPE, QQ etc in time when problems happen, if necessary, overseas service is available.

        Quality Control
1) Skilled and strict Quality Inspection Team is available during the material purchasing and production procedure.
2) All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC department and engineering department.
         OEM Service
1) Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our abundant experiences.
2) All the OEM services are free, customer only need to provide us with your logo drawing, function requirements, colors, etc.
3) No MOQ required.
1) None of your personally identifiable information ( such as your name , address , email address ,bank info ,etc ) will be disclosed or shared with any third parties.
2) Contact: All of your inquiries or questions or helps will be answered within 24 hours, even in holiday. Also, please feel free to call us if you have any emergency questions.

        Payment Terms
1) 30% T/T paid in advance as deposit, the balance paid before shipment.
2) Irrevocable L/C at sight.
3) Alibaba Trade Assurance ( New,safe and popular payment terms)components-of-laser-jewelry-welding-machine

The application of laser dot light guide plate(LGP)-Arthas

The application of laser processing dot light guide plate.


The words “light guide plate(LGP)"is a familiar word for light boxes, lighting, and electronics. .
it may be unfamiliar to non-professionals person.
It looks unremarkable,so it's just one of many products,and it plays a crucial role.

What is LGP?

The light guide plate or line of light into a uniform luminous surface source.so it is.

Its design principle originates from our commonly used laptop computer monitor,Which is to convert the light source of the light from the side to the surface.


Is widely use it in liquid crystal display backlight.
(1)advertising light boxes
(2)medical X-ray see tablets
(3)flat-panel lighting
(4)lighting projects

(5)luminous signs and other occasions.

The traditional way of processing the plate is to rely on silk printing.so this processing way.

And this processing way is chemical process.so in the production process of corrosive acid production.

raw materials toxic, is a kind of non-environmental production way.
With the development of science and technology.
 The increasing of competitiveness and even the increasingly serious environmental problems.so the upgrading of the processing technology of the light guide plate is inevitable!

Laser dot processing way for LGP

Laser dot in the form of non-contact.so using a laser instantaneous high light energy.

By chemical to physical function, in the coordinates of the point of vaporizing yakeli.
So the surface accurately. So the laser dot on the guide plate, to achieve the purpose of the light of light guide plate.


XTlaser as the leader of the laser industry.
We already had a lot of experience on laser dot light guide plate industry.So we strongly believe ,we can offer you the best solution for you.

in order to let you more clearly,Please check the following link for the video:



The main application.so laser dot light guide plate:

(1)Advertising light box industry
light guide plate(LGP)(2)Displayer

light guide plate(LGP)

(3)Flat lamp, panel lamp lighting industry
(4)LED light signboard

Time limit cannot list all.

If you interest please feel free to contact me :

Email: xintian117@xtlaser.com
Skype: XT-laser Arthas
QQ/OICQ: 2534412063
Whatsapp: +86 15069148520
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Mini fiber laser marking machine for customer-Angelina

Hot sale Mini fiber laser marking machine

Mini fiber laser marking machine, with its light weight, easy operation, and high quality marking, is popular among the market.

Today , one of my customer ask about this type machine, he wants to mark  on mobile metal and plastic mobile covers, he ask me the quotation and specification about the mini fiber laser marking machine.

Here I first show some pictures and details about the machine:

mini type laser marking

The introduction about the machine:

Mini machine sold very well last few years, because of its small size, also this machine have a lifting pillar , which is same as desktop machine type, In this machine type , we can add the lens with scope 100*100mm and 200*200mm, also the lifting pillar can be changed to long pillar, then the same machine type, can be used for marking big size products with a scope of lens 300*300mm.

The working table is 2D table; also Z axis is lifting pillar. This table of machine has the same function as desktop machine, also because of the small size of the machine, most of clients like to transport by DHL/TNT. If we choose to transport this machine type with DHL/TNT, then except the freight cost ,the client only need pay import tax, and there is no need to pay any local charge at the destination.

Also if clients want small machine with rotary device, we can help them choose this mini machine type.

The working area of the machine are 100*100,200*200 and 300*300, customers could choose different working area, according to their different needs.

This type of machine totally has three parts: the computer, control box and marking machine. Comparing with the desktop type, this type is more convenient, it could save much room for customers.

It is usually mark plastic, mild metal, stainless steel and etc.

If this passage is useful to u, pls

Angelina Michael




Enclosed fiber laser marking machine for Europe -Angelina

Enclosed fiber laser marking machine

Enclosed fiber laser marking machine, with its beautiful appearance, high quality, appropriate price, and great price-quality ratio, is popular among the European market, most of European customers would like to choose this one. Here put one photo for your reference:

enclosed fiber laser marking machine



Europe clients will mostly like to choose this type of machine, this type of machine has protective cover , electric lifting pillar,  In front of the cabinet,

there is also one small window.Through which we can observe the marking process.

For the purpose of protection,we have added one function.

i.e. the machine will not mark when the door is open, this also means marking is only possible when the door will be closed.

The height of box after packing the machine is about the 173cm, so when we have to ship by Air, we need to contact the freight forwarder to check,

if there is a big cargo plane to carry this machine.


Besides, this type of machine has many advantages:

1.It only occupies a small space, and it is  convenient to move. If clients’ room space is limited, he could choose this one

2.It has a protective cover, so that  the parts could be protected, increasing the longevity of the machine.

3.The machine is beautiful in appearance, its white&orange color would give u eye enjoyment.

2. Fiber laser marking machine features:

  1. All-in-one machine is with manual focusing system and easy operation.
  2. Laser beam quality is much better than traditional one.
  3. Total electricity consumption is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of YAG’s.
  4. Free maintenance, long working life, low consumption , suitable for any working environment.
  5. High marking speed, 2-3 times of traditional marking machine.
  6. Portable machine. small size, in light weight.
  7. Suitable for markings, engravings, and cuttings in majority of nonmetallic materials
  8. Easy operating, great stability
  9. Perfect performance, 24 hours continuous working ability



enclosed fiber laser marking machine

enclosed fiber marker

3.Shape dimension:


Net weight:129kg

If it is useful to u, pls

contact Angelina Michael






The application of Fiber laser marking machine-Jennifer

From the applicable fields, fiber laser marking machine can be used in the centralized chips, computer spare parts, industrial bearings, watches, electrical and communication products, Aerospace Industry, automobile spare parts, household appliance, hardware tools, and so on, with pictures and word marking, and mass industrial producing lines.

From the function, the following targets can be finished:

Marking black on Oxygen aluminium

With the Mopa’s adjustable pluse width, this function can be realized easily. This is also the major difference between Mopa and standard fiber laser marking machine.

Mopa laser engraving machine

Marking colors on stainless steel

engraving color on stainless steel




This needs to adjust the related parameters, which can mark different colors on stainless steel by Mopa fiber laser marking machine.

Online flying marking

The meaning is to combine the fiber laser marking machine with producing line, which means marking and loading materials one time.

Through this way, it can enhance the working efficiency

Mini fiber laser marking machine

mini fiber laser marking machine







Small and portable fiber laser marking machine, which is very small, and less space using.

The portable marker can meet the general requirement of clients.

Any question about the colors engraving, free to let me know.

Contact person: Jennifer Sun
Email address: lasermachine01@xtlaser.com
Whatsapp & Wechat: 0086 15169105376
Skype: xtlaser01@gmail.com