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Laser cutting head function

Laser cutting head is an important part of the whole machine, most customers pay attention to the cutting ability, compatibility also is one important matter.

Brand of laser cutting head

In the market, there are have different brand of laser cutting head. Such as Precitec, Raytools and lasermech… Each brand have there own advantage and disadvantage. For customer, we always offering the suitable one.


Germany brand, most German choose it, if the head has any problem, it’s very convenient for customer to solve problems quickly. But in China fiber laser market, most machine control pcb is from Cypcut, height controller also from cypcut company, (height controller is use for control laser head). But this height controller is not compatible with Precitec laser head because the wires definition between Precitec and BCS height controller is different. That means even Chinese factory import this laser head from Germany, they have to dismantle in China, then change some parts to make it can be controlled by BCS controller.


Switzerland brand, have different type. BT210, BT240, BM110, BM114… Usually, most manufacture using BT240 under 2000W. BM110 among 2000W-4000W. BM114 above 4000W. It’s the most popular one in Chinese market, but customer need pay attention the type according to different power.


America brand, it is good, but We already stopped using this brand, because too many copies on the market, and users don’t know it is original or not.

We only use original parts on our machine…Like laser cutting head, planetary gearbox, gear rack, rail…etc.

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